5 tell-tale signs you’re too busy!

The glorification of busy has been going on for quite some time now. If you, the kids and dog aren’t over scheduled you’re not trying at life. Busy is brilliant, quiet is lazy. I know — we’ve all bought into busy at one time or another.
Maybe the cat has had it right the entire time. I’m starting to understand why she looks down her nose and appears to shake her head; from her cozy spot by the window – as her family barrels through the door exhausted, just before dinner.
Is busy a lie we buy into? It can make us feel more successful and drives the economy hard. We want to show the world we can do it all as we glide through each day as graceful as a duck on water, and we don’t want our children left behind.
In our whirlwind of busy though, are we really living? Or are we simply putting on a brave face because busy is what the world expects, and all we really want to do is do less  and Be more!

  1. You’re Exhausted
    You don’t remember the last time you jumped out of bed in the morning excited about the day ahead — full of energy and raring to seize the day.
  2. You’re always late
    You have to pack the lunches, walk the dog, drop the kids off, hit the gym, return messages, update your social status, make a green smoothie and meditate all before you go to work. And you know your afternoon is going to be even busier. You haven’t turned up on time anywhere for months.
  3. You have No time for friends
    Your friends stopped inviting you to regular catch ups ages ago because they know you won’t turn up.
  4. You’re Unhappy
    You’re too tired to be happy, and don’t really have time to think about what that word even means to you. You’re simply going through the motions so you can keep all the right balls in the air.
  5. You’re Always Sick
    You catch every cold and virus going around! A sure sign you’re run down and need a bit of time out. Listen to your body, if it’s screaming at you to stop. Stop – before It stops without your permission.

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