Lost in translation.

Daily Prompt: Glaring 

I picked up the phone on what seemed like the twentieth ring and answered to a woman; abrupt and impatient in her tone. I was baffled by her demeanour, but asked how I could help.  It wasn’t like I had meant to add to the busyness of her day, yet I could feel her glaring at me through the phone. Even though it was she who called me. It was all rather odd.

Apparently the situation she was ringing about was something that her office couldn’t help me with, as the obligation had already been fulfilled, and she let me know that in no uncertain terms.

‘It has all been left with the wife,’ she said – matter of fact.

‘I am the wife.’ I replied

‘Yes, I know’ she said, sounding somewhat pleased with herself.

‘Well I don’t have what we need.’

‘You should have,’ she replied curtly, and went on to repeat what she had already told me as if it would make a difference. It didn’t.

‘You are not listening to me,’ I explained. ‘I don’t have what we need.’ I paused and thought for a moment before continuing. ‘You needn’t do anymore; I will speak to someone who can help me.’ I then thanked her. Seemingly offended – she hung up.


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