He is love, he is lovable – he is loved.

Daily Prompt: Organize

Hey Babe, I know I don’t tell you enough… this ones for you!

He is love, he is lovable – he is loved.

His friendship is neither selfish nor needy.

If you are in his life you are all in.

He is not loud, but says what he means.

If he can do — he will, if he can’t – he’ll say so.

He is not pretentious and sits confidently with who he is.

He loves unconditionally.

He makes mistakes.

He is forgiving and forgiven.

He is not always organized but is very reliable.

He is kind.

He is likable. And funny – he would say adequately funny.

He is strong and fierce, determined and not at all predictable.

He is love, he is lovable – he is loved.

He is a husband, father, son and brother.

An uncle, a friend, a Mate

He is Brendan and I love hime truly, madly deeply!

It’s all true babe, I do, I love you TMD!

Forever your wifey xx

Brendan crossing the finish line of The 2000 Australian Ironman -strong and fierce!


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