From little things …

Daily Prompt: Jiffy

Her little hands tucked under her chin in prayer position, lips pink with gloss, hair all tumbling curls pinned with tiny white rose buds — I wondered how she was going to get through such a long day. Peeking out from under her billowing, sky blue, silk organza flowergirl dress, as she lay peacefully sleeping — were two tiny feet. We would have to turn the house upside down looking for the little white jiffy that had gone missing from her right.

Fast forward almost 18 years and our little flowergirl is now a brilliant kindergarten teacher. My heart skips a beat when I see her with her students, all the same age she was that day – full of wonder, innocence and curiosity.

As it turned out she did a brilliant job of flowergirling, along with her three big sisters – and has done a brilliant job every day of her life since, as have her sisters. Now with two children of our own, we are so happy to have these four beautiful women in our lives, our children’s lives – to show them in real time that from little things, wonderfully amazing things grow.


NB: In Australia (I am unsure about other parts of the world) Jiffy slippers (Jiffies for short) are an inexpensive, soft sole, slip on shoe/slipper available in lots of colours, often worn by children who are wedding attendants.


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