Second Dates, Beetles and Coco Pops

Daily Prompt: Prickle

Coco pops, well there’s an instant flash back the minute I put a spoonful of the sweet, chocolaty crunch into my mouth. It was August, cool but not cold, and early. I was cuddled up in bed, half awake — and not about to get up. It was the weekend. Still living with Mum and Dad, the sound of the ocean lulled me back to sleep easily.

I woke again, abruptly, this time with a prickle of excitement running through my body, as I heard the distinctive sound of a Volkswagen beetle pull up outside.

‘He’s here… Shit! He’s here!’

With that I jumped out of bed, almost knocking the lamp off my bedside table and ran laps of the house looking for a hairband to contain a severe case of Crowdy hair, which is like bed hair only worse. I calculated that I had about 15 seconds, 20 max for him to make his way from the car to the front door… maybe 40  – he’d have to introduce himself to Mum. Could I pull myself together in 40 seconds?

No I couldn’t! 40 seconds goes by in a snap. Before I knew it I was standing in our lounge room in front of this gorgeous creature, him just out of the surf and smelling like salt — me in my favourite navy and white stripe, Disney Dopey night shirt! Did I mention it was thread bare? I’d purchased it when I was fifteen…almost half my lifetime ago and could never quite part with it.  The right sleeve was hanging on by a stitch – literally! If that wasn’t bad enough I was holding my hair up into a high ponytail with my bare hands – a hairband had eluded me. I looked like a mad woman.

Coco pops? They were the first breakfast we shared together. We sat on Mum and Dads veranda, on a mild August morning, early; taking in the beautiful view, chatting easily as we both tucked into a bowl of coco pops — on our second date.

A couple of decades down the track and they are still one of our favourite celebration breakfasts. Ah … the simple life. We have always loved it!


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