Why we share our happy snaps

Daily Prompt: Grainy

Through sometimes grainy, carefully preserved images of our lives well lived I am reminded of all the beautiful memories my family have created together, when looking through treasured photos. Today I am prompted to reminisce…and as always have found an uplifting happiness in the faces of family and friends.

It is not odd to me that the photo’s I have are all of happy moments and special events, as they are the moments easily captured. That doesn’t mean that difficult times are not remembered, and the heart hurting moments don’t stay with us. They do – it’s just that they are such deeply personal experiences that there isn’t a single thought when in the midst of them that say – ‘pick up a camera and capture this.’

 Mum & Dad on their wedding day in 1963 – standing in front of the same church my husband and I were married in – in 1999!

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