13 June 2014 … Consultation

It was a Friday, the 13th of June 2014, when Brendan and I first found ourselves at Lifehouse, an innovative, purpose built cancer hospital. Sitting proudly adjacent to The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, it had opened in November 2013 —everything was fresh and new. It wasn’t very hospital-y and that made it easier to be there. We were both worried as we walked through the large sliding glass doors at the front of the building and made our way to clinic on level two.

Bren has had a pain in his right leg for about four months, and as it turns out there is something growing inside the bone that shouldn’t be there. Scary stuff I know, anyone having gone through the same or similar, know only too well how jolting it is to hear that yours or a loved ones health may be in jeopardy. He has had quite a few tests already, and after Monday’s results come through, we should know what we are dealing with.

Bren is seeing one of the best Doctors in his field, available in Australia, and we have been given every reason to believe that if it turns out to be ‘nasty’, we can hope for a full recovery. The spectrum of possibilities for this kind of thing start at the completely treatable, and that was a huge relief to hear. Brendan is physically stronger and fitter than he has ever been, and he has an extremely positive attitude, as do I. This gives him the upper hand.


It’s about to get extremely busy in our home, with family manning our house with the kids when we’re not here, as Bren and I will be coming and going quite a bit for who knows how long, until we get this sorted. For friends and family, the easiest way to contact me at this stage will be via facebook messages, email or txt.


Thank you for your love, prayers, positive energy and affirmation for Brens speedy recovery.

Cal x


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