14 May 2014 …Finding Cancer

“My Husband is living with Cancer!” There, I’ve said it!

His health and fitness have always been a priority! He has never smoked, and I mean anything. Never done recreational drugs, has always eaten well and in the last few years has pretty much stopped drinking alcohol; due to an allergic type reaction to most types. He is the last person you would expect to get sick, and nobody would have imagined him getting cancer. He did.


Until you or a loved one faces a diagnosis, I don’t think you can truly contemplate what cancer looks like. I know I didn’t. You think you have a picture in your mind – and for me that picture was not my husband. Nor was it any of my many friends or friends of friends who have known this disease. None of them have the face of cancer that I might have imagined. But as we were about to find out, the face of cancer is simply a face just like yours and mine.

Cancer is indiscriminate! It can strike you down no matter who you are. Being strong, fit and in his prime was no deterrent … Brendan was as easy a target as the young, the elderly and anyone in between. Having a strong body and mind didn’t prevent him from getting cancer, but has helped him to withstand an incredibly difficult treatment plan week after week. A treatment plan that we expect will make him well again. His fitness will be an advantage to his on-going recovery.


The body we have is it! It has to carry around the most precious cargo there is …us, for the rest of our lives. It deserves the best treatment we can possibly give it — fresh food, fresh air, peace, happiness and movement. Let there be plenty of movement.

In Brendan’s case it was his level of fitness and a good understanding of his body through regular exercise that told him there was something wrong. This understanding is what led him to seek medical help that discovereda tumour in his leg.


The impact of his running and weight training had aggravated the tumour, creating pain in the area. My Husband is living with Cancer! It seems he may have been living with it for a while.

It was the weeks of physio appointments with no answers, followed by doctors appointments that lead to bone scans, then an MRI, that landed us in  [a local orthopaedic surgeons] rooms. This is where we would get the first indication that what Brendan had was serious.


It was an unseasonably warmish day in June when Brendan was called back to the doctor’s office.  He took the call at a friend’s funeral who had just passed from cancer. The Surgeon had met us between surgeries to tell us in person that the MRI looked “nasty” and he was sending us to a doctor in Sydney, who was one of the countries leading Orthopaedic Surgeons who specialises in cancer cases.


That was the day we knew that this was very serious and that our lives for better or worse would never be the same again!


We don’t know what tomorrow might bring, the kindest thing we can do for ourselves for now is to take great care of our overall wellness, in the hope of preparing the best we can for whatever may come.

Life is good and hope is limitless


NB: This is an archived post transferred from a former blog


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