To the lovely friends of my blog, I will be taking a bloggers housekeeping vacation for the next little while. I am taking some time out to organise and transfer all of the archived posts from my blogspot account, regarding my family’s cancer story over the last three years, to I am doing this so that I have them all in one place, rather than spread across two blogging formats. I have three years of writing to organise — it will be a nice way to stay busy.

Cancer and The Story of Us has been my husband’s story, but it has also been mine and our childrens. It started when the kiddos were ten, they are now thirteen and it will play a big part in shaping their future. I know as adults, one day they will be ready to read what we have shared with you all, giving them a clear picture of the superman their dad was as he went through all he went through, and what an incredibly loving, strong team the four of us made, and continue to be.

All archive blog posts from my blogspot account will be re-published here at calliemm but won’t be shared to other social media platforms at this time…as most of you on my social media have already read them.

Thank you for being on our Team. Our story continues…

Here’s to living with limitless hope.


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