29 July 2014…chemo wrap-up.

Bren has just wrapped up 7 days of toxicity from his first lot of chemo and it has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. We have a few things to get our heads around — these are just a couple of our new normals:

  • He has to use his own bathroom. Putting it delicately he is getting rid of toxic waste that is harmful to our growing children’s health. Luckily we have an ensuite bathroom.
  • He is experiencing mood swings from the medication. Not that you would know because he isn’t a complainer.
  • Chemo brain [ similar to baby brain]…I had not heard of it before the nurse mentioned it and the kids think it’s hysterical!
  • A lowered immune system. On Saturday Tyz reached a temp of 39.8 to go with her rattly cough and runny nose. At the moment if her dad gets anything that results in a temp higher than 38 it’s life threatening, and it’s straight to emergency at Manning Base. So if the kids or I get flu’s or viruses during treatment, or someone brings something into our home, it is an added element of scary for all of us. We are being cautious .

I’m glad that Bren’s recovery  from chemotherapy, 7 days on, has been tolerable for him and I’m grateful that modern medicine has come a long, long way. We have been told that the recovery from each treatment gets harder as they progress. I am really glad that so far the first one hasn’t been too awful; it gives Bren a better chance of the next one being tolerable too.


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