27-09-17: The next Step!

A Formidable Pair

Brendan and I had what might be considered a pretty traditional relationship. Not for everyone I know—but it worked for us. When it came to the big stuff, like raising a family, we were on the same page and that made the doing easier. I stayed at home with the children, Bren worked outside the home. I did the bulk of housework and cooking; he did the yard work and kept the cars running. Some people’s worst nightmare…for us it worked like a dream.

When Bren got sick, it was fairly easy for us to stick to a really tight budget — because we had been working well on one for ten years as a family on a single wage, by choice. The ability to budget helped when I became his fulltime carer…to which there was no choice due to the late stage and debilitating treatment of the type of cancer he had. We knew the time we had left together could possibly be short and would be difficult. So with the support of our family and friends – along with everything else, boy did we pack lots of love, laughter and some good times (24/7) into the last three years we got to spend together.

Moving Forward – Ready or Not

I didn’t think a lot about what would come next, there was no time… Brendan probably did, because he knew he wouldn’t be here physically to help. And so now here we are the children and I, ready or not, at the next step. Tyz and Bades will head back to school after the holidays and I’m about to jump feet first into what I hope will be the perfect way to support our little family as we move forward — under Bren’s ever loving, watchful eye.

Although in a reasoning mind I know it’s not — every small step I take forward feels like another one away from my husband. I know time doesn’t stand still, and I can never go back, If I could i’d be there already… so, right now, I feel caught in the in between spaces — not stuck, but a little afraid of moving to far away to soon from where my life was simple, happy and shared  — with the three most important people in my life.

I also know time will unfold whether I am ready or not so there is nothing to do but go with it. It is what Bren would expect of me.

Opting back into Working Outside the Home

At the age of 52, I will opt back into work, (deep breath) outside the home, for the first time in thirteen years. I am going back to what I know, and as it happens — serendipitously a dream team has been put together so that ‘The Shed’ now The Shed Luxe, can be relaunched! (More about the dream team in a future post!) An opportunity has dropped into my lap. (I’m going to thank my husband for it, because I think it might have been him who dropped it there from above) And he could not have made it any easier if he tried!

The opportunity to relaunch The Shed and the team we have put together to do it is incredibly exciting. We are busy getting things organised, as it was only dropped into our laps this week! Even so, things are moving along pretty quickly and I am looking forward to sharing what comes next.

Hope really is limitless.

Find The Shed Luxe on social media at:

Instagram – The Shed Luxe

Facebook – The Shed Luxe



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