18/10/17 Happy Birthday Bren

Hey Babe,

It’s a tough day today. Beautiful painful. Beautiful because today we celebrate an incredible human being, you,  whose humanity was equaled only by how you were loved and how you loved. Painful, because you aren’t here physically to celebrate with us.

We miss you babe, and as all the first’s roll around without you: fathers day last month, the festival and your birthday this month, Tyz and Bades birthday next month and then Christmas. I can’t imagine that the 2nd’s, 3rd’s or 4ths will be any easier. I guess by then we will just be more experienced at coping with them.

Wow, 46. I wonder if we walked through sliding doors what this year would have looked like for you. I’m sure however wonderful it might have been it is in abundance where you are, and that makes me happy today.

Thank you for all the happy moments and memories, for always putting us first and for never wanting anything more than you wanted to spend time with us.

You are love, you are loveable, you are loved.

My heart is yours always, Happy Birthday baby, I love you,

Truly, madly…deeply xx



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