23/10/17: The Shed Luxe…is exactly what I needed!

A little Update: As I mentioned in a previous post; toward the end of Bren’s cancer story we had both become very aware that I would have to opt back into working outside the home to continue to support our little family where he left off. We knew that there was some superannuation and insurance money in place. Brendan, being the wonderful provider for our family that he was, had the foresight before he ever became ill to ensure that his family would have security if anything ever happened to him. This security has come at an incredibly high cost to all of us. But it gave him peace in the end knowing we would be OK while I found my feet. And we are.

The Shed Luxe – a relaunch

For me, relaunching The Shed Luxe was the perfect fit. The kids have just lost their dad, so I don’t want to change their routine any more than I have to right now. As The Shed is predominantly an online store where my partners and I  provide a try on service by appointment for our local girls, and regular Shed Shopping parties…the first one to be announced soon – I can work around the kids schedule and still be at home with them when they need me.

We thought we would start out slowly. A manageable pace. But it has been a little like a horse bolting and my two amazing partners and I couldn’t be happier. The idea for the relaunch came not long after Bren passed away. Sue Pitman and Deb Maddalena-Saunders, my two sisters and The Shed Luxe partners, and I were sitting on my couch and the idea of doing something together popped up in conversion and turned into a The Shed relaunch. Before we knew — it became a reality (we have always been a can do team) and we have created a system that Sue can work around her fulltime job and Deb and I can work around our families.

Dream Team

Between the three of us we have decades of experience in the fashion retail industry and we are all incredibly excited to share that experience with our The Shed Luxe girls — an ever growing group of individual, strong, forward thinking, feisty, gorgeous, funny, capable and kind women. We love serving you all.

More on our The Shed Luxe Dream Team soon!

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Beautiful women's clothing, homeware and bespoke lifestyle pieces curated especially for our vibrant community!
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theshedluxe/ Insta: https://www.instagram.com/theshedluxe/



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