It’s Christmas time Again

So it’s Christmas time again… and if it is a time you celebrate — you will also know it can be the busiest, happiest, most stressful and for some the most heartbreaking time of the year.

For me, I will get through the day the best way I can this year, as I consider how to make it the happiest day possible for our kids.  So … I am going to follow their lead and embrace the childlike excitement of what this day has always embodied in our home, even though Bren will be missing from us.

We will be surrounded by our family, this first Christmas without him, and they will surround us with love, fun and laughter…even though fun and laughter won’t come easy to any of us, it is what we all need right now and what Bren would expect of us and for us.

My little family are lucky that on a day that makes it very obvious that someone is missing, we have loved ones around us, and my heart breaks for those who don’t. I hope if you are lonely this Christmas, whether alone or in a room full of people, you are able to do something kind and gentle for yourself.  Whether that is curling up in bed and sleeping the day away or getting involved with your church, a community group or spending the day at the beach (if, like us, you live in Australia)…choose a way to make the day the best day it can be for you.

As the year comes to an end, I know this Christmas, we, my children and I, now have a deeper understanding of how important it is to enjoy life to the full, to not take anything for granted, that spending time with those we love is really the most important thing we’ll ever do, and that the loved ones we have lost, whether recently or not, do not want us to be sad that they are gone, although we always will be — they want us to remember the happiness we shared, the love, the fun and laughter and the lives well lived.  They want our happy times to continue as new memories are made, so it can also continue for them, wherever they are, as they watch over us. I know, no matter how hard it is to do right now, I can honour that and in doing so – I honour Bren.

Wherever you are I would like to wish you lots of peace and happiness now and for the New Year ahead.


Merry Christmas.

Tyz and Bades proudly standing with the Christmas beetle their dad made for them 🙂

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