6/02/2018 – Happy 19 babe! Love you truly, madly, deeply! Always.

Happy Anniversary Baby,

We both knew ours was a match made in heaven, and although I remember it to be now, it was by no means perfect, because nothing is. It was however perfect in it’s imperfection, to us. Our marriage ebbed and flowed just like everyone else’s. From day one, whether we were in ebb or flow, there were three things we could be sure of: we loved each other completely, we could always talk things through and we really liked one and other, regardless…even if one of us was mad at the other. Which was rare because you were really hard to get mad at, and when you got mad at me it would make me cry, and you hated seeing me cry…so fights between us were rare.

We just worked…there was no rhyme or reason for why, we just did.

Why did we never get around to ordering a wedding album? The beautiful book of proofs from our professional photographer and some gorgeous photo’s of the day from friends seemed enough back then I guess … we just never put an album together, it was one of those “one day” things. We’ll do it one day! We never did.

So today, in honour of what would have been our 19th wedding anniversary, my first without you, my loving and much loved husband, I’m sharing some of my favourite photos taken on our wedding day. (Yes I’ll warn everyone before clicking on the blue link that there are lots of them.) I hope you don’t mind that I have added some personal reflections in the details of some, for our family and friends to enjoy and I hope some who were there on the day might add their own memories to the albums comments for the kids to read one day.

Callie & Brendan: 6th Feb 1999 – a wedding

Happy anniversary Babe, love you and miss you, always xx


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