Naked blue

Daily Prompt: Partake
The tepid, crystal clear blue ocean lapped at me gently as it held me buoyant. Me content in my nakedness. Our finger tips just touching every so often. Knowing he was lazing beside me, salty, face to the warm sunny sky, filled me with more happiness than I felt I deserved. And I deserved to be happy. I had waited a long time for a love like this. As luck would have it, it was everything I had imagined.

To say we enjoyed partaking in a little afternoon delight was an understatement. And no, it’s not what you’re thinking. Although we enjoyed that too. I’m talking … swimming, naked as the day we were born, as often as we could. Even exploring the headland together, not naked, was fun — we had to keep our boots on for that because the rocks were sharp!

It’s fair to say we enjoyed the whole nude beach experience, regularly, back in those carefree, child free days. If I’ve been happier, it would be in days that would come much later, days that we couldn’t have imagined being better than our naked days.

Those days, of course, wouldn’t be spent running around naked. Toddler twins brought an abrupt end to that. Mind you, our little pair of monkeys would run around naked all the time, us picking up their clothes behind them as they joyously stripped down to their birthday suits. He would say to me laughing, “that’s your fault you know!” But we both knew it was his.

Back on that beach all those years ago, we couldn’t have imagine what a wonderful life we would create together. Nor could we have imagine just how short it would be.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 7.26.20 pm


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