Devoted to my husband

As we approach the 12 month mark since Bren’s death I wanted to make sure our devotion wall to him was finished. It is in our lounge and is now complete with a beautiful navy wood cross & ocean seashell strand from The Shed Luxe, sitting alongside works of art from our great friend Ali Haigh, who without knowing it told the story of us through her incredible work … it is a tribute to our little family and most importantly devoted to Bren, who is ever present – especially in this room, as it is the room that he and I spent the last 5 months of his life, and was the room he left us from.

Artwork1 – I have named Crow: we were told a few years back that Crow was Brendan’s Totem Bird.  He sits proudly at the bottom right corner when looking at the work. To me Crow represents wisdom and a connection between heaven & earth. I believe he guided Brendan home safely and now when I see crow I ask him to take messages to my husband for me.

Artwork2 – I have named Family of 4: in the bottom lefthand corner is a snapshot of a family of 4. Dad with his son and daughter… Mum proudly behind them, the strength that supports and guides them through the most difficult time of their lives.

Artwork3 – I have named Man & Dog. In the middle right of the work a man is pointing at his dog. When I look at this it reminds me of Bren teaching Otis as a puppy to protect his family. Which is exactly what he does now in his dads absence, as a big pup.

Artwork4 – I have named A Higher Perspective. In the top left corner of the work a man is looking down. I see Bren watching over us from a higher perspective, still very much with us and seeing all that is unfolding in our lives down here. Guiding us and loving us from his higher point of view.

Shell Strand – a symbol of our family home by the beach and our love of seaside living.

Wooden Cross – a symbol of love, hope and faith. Brendan and I were/are not aligned with any one religion, but had/have strong spiritual beliefs. On the second last day of Bren’s life I had to tell the children we were losing him — they came to their dad and told him over and over that he was the best dad in the world – Bren looked up at me and said … I can see a cross in their tears. We both knew in that moment that although Bren was leaving us physically, he would never really leave us, and he hasn’t. 

This wall of healing art tells our story…a love story full of fun and laughter, one that had the saddest imaginable ending, but before the ending — the four of us lived every minute of a wonderful life together. A life I would not trade for anything if it meant having had to live a life without Brendan in it.

We loved him then, we love him now and we always will.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. alihaigh365 says:

    Every time I look upon your devotion wall my heart skips a little beat and smiles……you cannot help but feel that Brendan is ever present. I love that your journey together as a family is woven into the patterns and the symbols in the works. The names of the works are just so perfect Cal xx All my love!


    1. calliemm says:

      luv Ya Ali xx


  2. Julie Tickle says:

    Oh Ali Haigh how privaleged you are to have your art mean so much. Bless you Cal x


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