One Year Without You

To live a life that inspires others is to have lived a life with purpose.

Brendan John Maloney was many things to many people and he loved his family, friends, town and community with all his heart. First and foremost, though, he was a family man.  He was never happier than when he was spending time with his little family, and we were never happier than when we were spending time with him.

His two children were his pride and joy. He would openly tell anyone who asked, that being one half of the team who created them, was his greatest achievement.  And being their dad was the thing he was most proud of in his life. We were lucky enough to share a wonderful, full and happy life together. One I will always cherish.

I miss him everyday. I miss my husband, my children’s father, I miss my partner in crime, my friend. I miss my confidant, my love, I miss my person. My one.  The one I told everything. The one who would say it’s going to be ok, you’re beautiful, let it go, I’ll drive, I love you — hit the ground and give me 20. Yes, I miss that too.

I miss him, and I can’t imagine another year without him. I know I have to — so today, and everyday, I am grateful to have been his one and take great comfort in knowing I was his love and he was mine, and that will never change.

For  our family, friends and community who shared them with us, and who supported our little family throughout the good and hard times of our wonderful life together, here are 100 precious moments in loving memory of my beautiful, funny, smart, strong, kind and loving husband — Bren.

A legend to many, he was everything to Baden, Tyra and Me.

Tu me manques

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Feature photo credit: Meegan Malouf


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  1. Kim says:

    Absolutely loved every pic. Love you too xxx

    Sent from my iPhone



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