Dear Bren, Hey Babe, a year on and I’m still trying to work grief out; or work through it, get around it, over it or even just understand it. At times like these, you’re on my mind constantly. Your birthday a little over a week ago, and our twinnies birthdays in less than a week….

September 2014: Oncology Review

Thursday 4th September Treatment Review It’s spring, yet as the alarm wakes us up at 6am to head down to the city it feels more like the middle of winter. I just want to pull the covers back up around me and keep dreaming about the brown suede heels with the mesh centre strap that I…

August 2014: Oncology Appointment

Thursday 22nd  August 2014 Here we are; the last session in the first part of Bren’s treatment plan. Two weeks from today we will sit down with the medical team, including Doctors S (Orthopaedic Surgeon) and DR V (Oncologist)… assess how Bren is responding to treatment. All going well the operation will then be scheduled…

No more tears

A simple eye check was all it took to find I had no tears left. Well that’s not entirely true, for some strange reason they aren’t coming freely when I feel sad or hear, watch or talk about something sad, but will flow like a flooded river if I’m anywhere near a sprig of wattle….

Cancer: 5 things I’ve learned

Everything has surprised me about cancer. As much as I thought I knew, it turns out that I know nothing and even now 3 years on, I can only know how it affects me personally.  Although I have been beside my husband throughout the last three years, sat in on every consult and by his bedside through every operation recovery and every chemo infusion; I still have very little idea of how it feels for him to be the one facing this disease head on.