No more tears

A simple eye check was all it took to find I had no tears left. Well that’s not entirely true, for some strange reason they aren’t coming freely when I feel sad or hear, watch or talk about something sad, but will flow like a flooded river if I’m anywhere near a sprig of wattle.  I kind of knew that something was going on, because for months now my tears haven’t been playing the game, and it’s a very strange thing.

To be totally honest, I did think that maybe I had just used them all up, as the timing isn’t lost on me. So I was not unhappy to have the optometrist tell me that I am suffering from dry eye, and it isn’t age related either, unlike my failing eyesight —  yes, I have just had to bite the bullet as I await my new multifocal glasses. How I wish I had appreciated my 20/20 vision when I had it.

At the optometrist’s recommendation it’s off to my GP I go, to have my thyroid checked, as he feels that an under-active thyroid is probably the most likely cause, explaining if that’s the case it’s quite an easy fix.

Although I haven’t mentioned anything to anyone about my inability to cry a real tearful cry for a while — I have been very aware of it myself. I know now that my heart hasn’t turned to stone (thank you nice optometrist person) well, I knew that because I still feel all the feelings, I just can’t express those feelings tearfully …odd for me because I was that girl who cried buckets at TV commercials. Hopefully it will all be back to normal soon.

I have a very good friend who will read this and have a little smile to herself — she and I know why.

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  1. Oww, hope you get your eyes 100% soon 🙂 Have a beautiful week!


    1. calliemm says:

      Thank you Vanessa 🙂 x

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