September 2014: Oncology Review

Thursday 4th September

Treatment Review

It’s spring, yet as the alarm wakes us up at 6am to head down to the city it feels more like the middle of winter. I just want to pull the covers back up around me and keep dreaming about the brown suede heels with the mesh centre strap that I was buying off my sister Sue!

t feel a bit disorganised. I can’t see the floor in the kid’s playroom and Brendan and my bedroom is not much better, actually the whole house is a bit of minefield. I had forgotten to book our accommodation, luckily when we rang yesterday they were able to squeeze us in.

Showered, warmed up, breakfast had, kid’s hugged, sister thanked and we are almost out the door on time, until I realize that I can’t find either my driving glasses [so I can see] or the navman [so I don’t get lost]. Half an hour later both have been found in the “sick bucket” that was still packed away after our last trip!

Off we go, neither of us very happy but we’re on the road.

Bren is still not feeling great; he hasn’t bounced back as well from chemo this time and is still easily exhausted. We get to Sydney by 11:30am, by the time we have parked and gotten to where we need to be for the MRI we have 10 minutes to spare. An hour or so later it’s back over to the cancer hospital for the CT scan and then another hour later we’re right to go. No walk down to Parramatta road or up to King Street today, we go straight back to our room and Bren sleeps for the rest of the arvo. Which is a good thing as Friday is going to be busy too.

Friday 5th September

This morning it is still a bit damp and miserable and I am breakfasting on my own as Bren is nil by mouth. The Ibis is a popular pull up stop for truckies and there are two big burley blokes in having breakfast too. We are a funny mix, the two truckies, the day manager and me. We were all at different tables with the manager behind the desk, enjoying one conversation. I liked that; it was a good way to start the day, for me anyway not so for Bren, he was hungry.

We got to the hospital at 10am; I left Bren to have his PET scan and went back over to the hospital patient and carers lounge to fill in the next couple of hours. After a quick check of messages on one of the computers supplied I lay down on the oversized beanbag to read for a bit before giving myself a Reiki treatment and having a nap.

Just after 12 pm I met Bren and we went upstairs for the treatment review. There was good news and bad news. The good news being that the chemo has done what it was supposed to do and stopped all present tumours from growing anymore or spreading, there is no evidence of any others forming! The bad new was Dr S was sick, and the MRI and PET scan reports were not ready for the meeting. We were given all available information, had a good chat with the team and left

The operation hasn’t been locked in yet, but it has been tentatively scheduled for around September the 15th. All going well Bren will be in on the Monday and out on the Friday. Then approximately 2 weeks later he will have more chemo [not sure at this stage how many sessions] and then last but not least the two spots will be removed from his lungs and that will be it. All done, no more chemo…finished, bring on the party!

We leave the clinic tired but happy, that was all good news really, we would have liked to speak with Dr S and I felt that the review was a bit incomplete not having him there, but doctors do get sick too, it just means that we may have to make another trip down to see him this week… the results however were what we were hoping for.  By the time we got back down to the car it was 2:30pm…Old Bar here we come, messy or not, there’s no place like home.

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