Secondary Grief

I understand the concept of secondary grief and have experienced it in many ways since Bren died. I knew right from the beginning Grief, in any form, wasn’t something I’d conquer or get over. Now, almost a year and a half down the track I know, at least, that for all the hard days there are also going to be easier ones to get through, and there will be fun ones too. That helps.
Grief’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, you finally get all the pieces put together, and then something bumps into it and the puzzle falls apart again…you just never know when or where the next bump will come.
For others experiencing grief, the post at the link below is a great read. It doesn’t give you answers, there really are none because we and our situations are all unique to the relationship we had with our lost loved one…and although I know secondary grief pretty well, it’s the first time I’ve heard anyone talk about it — the understanding of grief shown here, has made me feel OK about not being further along the grief path then I am. I was worried that maybe I should be, even though I know that’s a silly thing to think.

I hope if you need the wisdom shared here, it finds you and helps you have a better day today.


Secondary Loss Click Here

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