20 Years – an Anniversary​​

The rain was torrential and had been for at least a week in the lead up to our big day. It didn’t look like clearing. I wanted to sleep, no, I needed to sleep, it was the night before my wedding. I could not walk down the aisle like a zombie on xanax. I needed my beauty sleep. I finally dozed off around 3am, as the wind and rain eased to a quiet lull. Waking with a start at 5am, there was complete silence. It was almost eerie after the constant thrashing of the storm against my parent’s small fishing cottage, with its tin roof. I jumped out of bed quickly to see what the day was doing.
Trying not to wake Deb and Andy, who were sleeping in the next room, I tiptoed out to the front veranda. The last of the rain clouds were gone with not even a wispy mist to be seen. I couldn’t believe it. My heart did a little jig, which was probably just palpitations from the excitement. I was over that moon, standing there looking at a calm, clear blue sky. With birds singing in the early morning light, I felt a bit like Snow White. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a little robin had sat on my outreached hand as butterflies danced around my head. That’s nonsensical of course and didn’t happen, but I wouldn’t have been surprised. There was a magical feeling in the air. Today I would marry Brendan Maloney.
Dad walked out onto the veranda to join me, he looked out over the beach, paused for a moment and said, “looks like a good day,” and walked back inside. He is a man of few words but has never needed many to say what needed to be said. Excitement was tingling from my toes to my nose.
Our wedding day was a happy one and went ahead with only one hiccup which made for a good story. Every wedding needs at least one. I felt beautiful in a white silk crepe and chiffon gown with a fingertip veil and large bouquet of white summer blooms. My girls were stunning in blue and carried gorgeous pastel-hued posies. The groom and his boys were handsome in black suits with crisp white shirts. We drove to the church in a procession of little Volkswagen beetles and celebrated wildly with family and friends.
When Dad stood at the reception, mum by his side, raised his glass and said “Callie and Brendan, the sun shone on you today. I hope it shines on you for the rest of your lives together,” there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. But there was laughter, dancing and lots of fun had. At one point someone may have stripped naked and ran across the stage — to a look of bemusement from the DJ and loud applause from the guests.
We were married, the honeymoon was about to begin and the sun shone on us for the rest of our lives together.
Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary Baby
Not for a minute on this day 20 years ago would we have thought we wouldn’t be celebrating this one together.
Loved you then ~ Love you now ~ Love you always xx
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.05.53 pm
   Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.02.30 pm

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