The Dating Game

We have had so much going on this month my head is spinning. The Shed Luxe has been super busy, we are still one girl down for another couple more months (more on that later) and are excited by what is ahead because of that. There is never a dull moment on the home front, fitting the social and working life of two teenagers into one mum taxi is interesting, to say the least.
I’m finally getting into the groove of being a single mum that has opted back into fulltime work outside the home. My hat goes off to all the mums and dads out there doing their best no matter what their choices are…more time in the day would be magic, wouldn’t it.
Slowed down by some kind of virus/emotional exhaustion kind of thing for most of the month I’m starting to get my energy back … how I’ve missed it and am looking forward to my birthday month ahead as a more vibrant, energetic me. May is not too far away.
Recently, Tyz and I watched a TV show where the teenage Daughter (17) was dating a 24-year-old guy. Her parents were at odds as to how to deal with the age gap.
I love a good conversation starter.
“What would you do in that situation?” Tyz asked.
I took a moment, a deep breath and replied…
“As long as you were both kind and respectful to each other, it would be hypocritical if I had a problem with it,” I said.
She nodded, surprised I think, at my answer.
“Remember I told you a while back, that when I was 24 I dated an 18-year-old. Being older than him didn’t make me a bad person, I was the same person I am now with less wisdom, just a 24-year-old dating someone younger. ”
Tyz listened thoughtfully…
“You and your wild days Mum.” She said, laughing.
Ah, those wild days. Amongst them, I also dated a 21-year-old when I was 16. He was kind, respectful, a really cool person, a very good guy and lots of fun. Not once in the very short time we were dating did he ever expect more than an innocent 16-year-old was capable of. As an adult, I have often looked back at that time and appreciated the person he was.
That’s not to say relationships are all smooth running, we know they aren’t and wont be for our kids. I had my fair share of heartbreak, frustration and what the hell am I doing here moments before marrying my gorgeous husband. But in all of those cases, they were my mistakes to make or situations to get out of and thankfully along the way I had been given or had discovered the tools to do that.
When it came to me dating, my mum & dad didn’t judge any of my relationships, they were just always there to support me if I needed them. I never had any good reason to rebel against them and was given the freedom to make my own mistakes. I am so grateful for that and hope when it comes to my two, I can deal with the dating game with the same love and wisdom they did.
So… I guess here come the dating years, let the fun begin…if it hasn’t already 🙂

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