My Ironman

19 years ago Bren crossed the finish line of the Australian Ironman race for the first time. It was held in beautiful Forster, on the Mid North Coast way back in the day. Finishing this race then and now, is a feat in itself – and as I write this, I imagine legends are still crossing the line after a very long day –  today.

My husband, a weekend triathlete back then,  first ran the Ironman as a newlywed. Just a year and a bit after we married. He trained around work, wedding preparations, our honeymoon and me for month after month after month. He was hot, fit and fierce, ran a race he was proud of and I couldn’t have been prouder of him as he crossed the finish line.

Bren had the strength, resilience and mental determination needed to take a race like this one on, and these were all qualities that would serve him well in the last years of his life. However, it was the grace and good humour he participated with that literally took my breath away every time I saw him on the course that day, with a smile, wider and bigger than I’d seen it before. Also all qualities he maintained and shared with us in his final years.

Now race day is another day I choose to celebrate my awesome husband and the man he was, knowing that being an Ironman was a bigger part of him than he ever knew, and in the end proved to be his destiny fulfilled.

Brendan Maloney … you are an Ironman.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rebecca Russell says:

    I remember when we lived in the flats in Victoria street in taree. He used to carry his push bike up and down those stairs all the time. He was certainly dedicated! An Iron man indeed xx


    1. calliemm says:

      I love4 that you shared this memory Beck, thankyou xx


  2. alihaigh365 says:

    Always loved always remembered xx


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