2nd Anniversary – tu me manques

Two Years

24 months

104.286 weeks

730 days

17520 hour

… missing from us.


To say I (we) miss you, is — stating the obvious and we both know that’s something I do well. You always teased me about it and we laughed about it and, well, I still do it. I miss you.

I have thought about how I would like to honour you this year, in words, and it has taken me ages to decide what to write. I know that I don’t really have to write anything at all, because just living a good life in the way you would have wanted me to honours you every day.  But, I still can’t let this day pass without sharing something about how wonderful you were and how grateful I was that of all the people in the world you and I could have ended up with, you were my person and I was yours. And that has been the greatest gift of my life.

So after thinking long and hard about what to do, I decided to share a part of the message you wrote to Mum when she was first diagnosed and about to start her treatment.  Already far into your own treatment, you wanted to give her some extra strength to face what she was about to face. Your words of encouragement did that and still do. It is just a small glimpse of the incredibly good man you were. Thank you for being you, and for making me a better me for having loved you and continuing to.

I know reading your words still gives Mum a little extra boost each time she looks at them. 


To Dolly from Bren: a message of love and a nod to the close relationship they shared while Bren was here.

G’day old mate, 

Today is the day when this shit might start to get pretty real for you…this is the time when you need to call on that tough old deckie, to come out from inside you. That deckie needs to have a quick look out of the wheelhouse and say, “looks like there’s some weather coming, but we’ll be fucken right”…turn the boat into the swell and full ahead you go…..it will be rough, so you have to hang on tight mate…just remember there are a couple of fairly good people waiting for you back at the wharf…

The next part of Bren’s message was full of practical advice from his own experience and some other little brendanisms that he thought might help, and was between him and Mum. He signed off with…

That’s it for now mate…..I wont wish you luck…….you have to make your own luck……I will wish you courage and toughness…….and then your luck will come.

Cheers mate, see you back on the wharf


Brendan John Maloney you were, are and always will be a legend. I miss you every day. I hope, somewhere up over the rainbow you are doing all the things you love today, in the knowledge that you will always be loved and never be forgotten.

If you get the chance … dance xx


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