Yesterday was another milestone for Tyz and Bades. Seniors now, their first day of year 11 came around quicker than a bullet train. I’m proud of them both and know their dad would have been too. I did feel bad leaving Bades at home to get organised while I drove Tyz to her first 8 am class though, not that it worried him at all.

Milestone occasions are hard. They are happy, sad occasions where, emotionally, the lead-up is sometimes harder to get through than the actual event. I miss Bren more at times like these, more than just the normal, daily missing him. These kind of days were days we talked about when the kids were little. We wondered what sort of teens they’d be, what they’d be interested in and who they might be dating. And if we’d know if they were.

We also talked about all the things we would do together when they were old enough to not need us around every minute. We looked forward to taking a day or night to just hang out together, knowing they would be happy for space and a house to themselves for a little while. I still wonder what that would have been like.

As they step outside their comfort zone again and embrace a new learning environment, I take heart knowing they conquered living outside this zone after their Dads diagnosis and mastered it after his death.

I know they will take senior high in their stride. I want them to enjoy the experience. They are stepping into what is considered by many to be the best years of our lives. I hope with all my heart that it will be a new start to the best years of theirs.

Good Luck Kiddos, work hard and have fun 

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 10.07.57 am
Image: Tyz & Baqdes walking to their first day of kindy with Dad.



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