Results are In

On Friday I was tested at the Taree Clinic for Covid19 after being referred by the nurse at my doctor’s surgery. I have had a persistent dry cough, but no other symptoms so I was pretty sure the results would be negative and thankfully they were. Although it took several hours of ringing the clinic…

Time to Think

ISO 2020 has stepped up a notch at home this weekend. I have had a persistent cough for about 10 days and was advised by the nurse at my doctor’s surgery to go to the covid19 clinic yesterday to be tested for coronavirus. I can’t leave the house till the results come through. I am…

It Comes and Goes in Waves

Today, driving back to the beach, I was thinking about Bren and the pain he suffered in the last months of his life. I have thought about it a lot since isolating against Covid19. His pain was so intense we had to prepare him for toilet breaks and he would have to recover from them….

ISO 2020

I can do boring. I love a binge-worthy series or reading a book and I like to write my thoughts down. I don’t even mind oversharing them. Bren, however, would have hated ISO 2020. He was always outside. Whether surfing, training or just mowing the lawn, he was energy in motion and hated being contained….