ISO 2020

I can do boring. I love a binge-worthy series or reading a book and I like to write my thoughts down. I don’t even mind oversharing them. Bren, however, would have hated ISO 2020. He was always outside. Whether surfing, training or just mowing the lawn, he was energy in motion and hated being contained.

It was horrible seeing him isolated when he was sick. Now I have a better idea of how it felt for him going through that. For weeks at a time during Chemo, from 2014 to 2016, and then fulltime in 2017 we stayed at home and limited contact with the outside world to keep Bren here for as long as we could.

I’m taking IS0 2020 seriously, but in my stride, (so far anyway-check back if we’re still doing it in 6 months.) Knowing I get to take it on pain-free helps. I know I’ll get to go outside and play again and there is only the slightest chance Covid19 might take me out, at this stage. Harsh but true. So with that in mind, I’m happy to embrace the boredom knowing people have and are doing it tougher.

I don’t mind doing my bit if it helps to keep us safe from each other, and is making the jobs of others easier. I’m choosing to play by the rules when I can work them out and doing my best when I can’t. I am loving watching the many funny and creative ways people are getting through this strange time on social media. We are all in this together, apart and we need more laughter.

What am I grateful for right now? I’m grateful to be here and I’m grateful that if I have to be stuck anywhere, it’s at home with my kids. Who knows, I might come through this pandemic or even this weekend having learned something about myself that I wouldn’t have known otherwise, and maybe that is the whole point of the excersise.


Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 11.19.56 am
Thank you Maya. I will.

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