Results are In

On Friday I was tested at the Taree Clinic for Covid19 after being referred by the nurse at my doctor’s surgery. I have had a persistent dry cough, but no other symptoms so I was pretty sure the results would be negative and thankfully they were.
Although it took several hours of ringing the clinic to get my appointment the process that followed was quick and easy and only mildly uncomfortable. A bit of gaging reflex and watery eyes for a minute and it was done.
The two nurses that greeted me at the car as I drove through were beautiful. They were kind, friendly and reassuring. They and their colleagues face the prospect of coming into contact with covid19 every minute of their working day. Take that in for a minute and consider how it would make you feel. I bet no-one wishes more than them that this was all over. They turn up every day.
My underlying feeling throughout this entire process was that this is serious and we need to consider our actions until it’s not. I knew that already, but I will be even more careful about what I do moving forward.


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