As we adapt to a strange and fast-changing world, my little family are experiencing lots of growth and change outside of the COVID epidemic that comes naturally with growing children. Or more correctly, growing teens.

My firstborn, granted only by a minute or so, Baden, has now entered the workforce. He has secured an apprenticeship with a vibrant, passionate and skilled team of artisan furniture makers. They are also a crew of good, young men, and for that, I am very grateful. Baden has worked hard, on weekends and through school holidays with Hows that House, for two years, to prove he is worth investing in and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Baden’s twin sister Tyra, my second born, begins her final year at school in just a couple of days. She is a good, kind and dedicated, self-motivated, hardworking student, and I could not be prouder of her. Tyra’s last school year now coincides with Badens first work year. For the first time in their lives they are moving in a different direction. Except of course, when they were toddlers and always ran in different directions. Lucky I was fast back then.

This change in direction may not be strange for them, but it is for me. From growing inside me to learning to talk, walk and drive a car, they have learned together. Now they are stepping out into a wider world, apart, ready to create a life of their own.

As is the duality of our life since Bren died, the joy of watching them grow into great adults sits side by side with the pain of not having him here to witness it. This breaks my heart into a million little pieces and I know it does theirs too. The simple fact is, that’s the way it is, so that is what we work with.

So here’s cheers to you, my two amazing kids, for continuing to move forward in life with the same strength and grace you saw in your dad every day you knew him. I know it isn’t easy.

Well done kiddo’s. Well done.

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