It’s the last day of summer. How did that happen? Although it’ll be nice to sit with the crisp air of an autumn morning again, coffee in hand, checking in with the day ahead – I always feel just a little bit sad when summer ends.

I didn’t spend nearly enough time in the ocean this month or sitting in my little cabana on wheels watching it for that matter. That can’t be changed now. The opportunity has passed but I can hope to do better in March.

Feb – Home

Life was busy at home throughout February. Tafe began for Bades – he is enjoying work and spent his spare time this month surfing or with his friends on weekends. Tyz was busy with school and a bit of a homebody, study will do that to you. We spent a little time together watching movies, shopping and eating out around her school and social activities. This all made me very happy. And Otis continued to be the best friend any of us could hope for.

Feb – Work

Work has started on the biggest project to date at our store. It’s possibly the worst kept secret in town – because we keep telling people what’s happening and we can’t wait to share the finished product.

I am so proud of the family business and community we have created. It is a beautiful store where people come to enjoy our calm and joyful ambience, some fun and laughter, good conversation and an incredibly well-curated, beautiful and unique product range. It’s something that we have worked very hard to develop over the last 4 years.

Amid the day to day fun and mayhem of running a busy store, February was not without its challenges. Loyalty, we found, is a treasured commodity that has been returned to us by the bucket load when it comes to those who matter to us – our treasured family, friends, customer friends and many incredibly good and talented suppliers. We feel grateful to have made so many wonderful connections with amazing humans through our store and know that will continue to grow as years go by. It’s one of the many reasons we turn up everyday.

Feb – Wisdom

I have found life will always surprise you, and will sometimes disappoint you. You have to take the good with the not so. That’s Life. The trick is to embrace and celebrate the plentiful good you are shown and return it, as you swiftly and easily release the disappointing – in all its forms; that journey, my friends, is done. This is not a bad thing, more a lesson in letting go and letting God. Our TSL team’s ability to think quick, troubleshoot easily and move on has been a blessing throughout February. I’m proud of us all.

One of the greatest wisdoms that has come to me with age is knowing how to release all that no longer serves a peaceful and happy life. Because this is it, we get no do-overs. I endeavour to keep Karma appeased in every area of my life because she sees everything, her aim is perfect and her timing on-point whether we agree with her or not.

Food for thought February: sometimes I have to write it down and read it twice – to really get it!

Finding wisdom together is going to be fun.

Cal x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle Botham says:

    Cal I loved reading this my only disappointment it wasn’t long enough your such a talented writer
    And it comes from your soul xxx


    1. calliemm says:

      Hey Shelle, thank you for always cheering me on. It means more than you know xx


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