“Beware the Ides of March ” ~ William Shakespeare

a phrase coined in Shakespeare’s play – Julius Caesar.

Shakespeare wrote, beware the Ides of March, referring to the date of Caesar’s assassination on March the 15th, 44BC, and it became synonymous with ill-doing. The word ides itself, however, has a far less sinister origin. It is simply a date falling roughly in the middle of a month in the ancient Roman calendar. Which this year was something to beware of.

This March more rain fell in a month than we had seen in decades. Heavy downfalls mid-month marked the start of a superstorm weather event. This left a trail of devastation and destruction behind it, statewide, that will take weeks, months, and for some a lifetime to recover from and clean up after.

Our store was not missed. Alerted by a panicked phone call in the early AM on Saturday 20th, following a week of torrential rain, Deb, Andy, Baden and I made a dash to our store. We were unable to get there as there was already water over the road to the south.

Fortunately, Sue and Mike live in town, and together with the help of Dan from our Real Estate were able to get most of our stock moved to higher ground. They waded through rising water to get everything to safety that would reach almost a meter high when the water levels peaked.

When it came to the cost to our business, we were luckier than most. The high water levels caused damage to replaceable things. We suffered thousands of dollars in losses from fixtures and racking that will need to be replaced to lost income due to a week-long store closure for clean up. Others have lost more.

The clean up would not have happened without our family and friends. We are grateful to Sue, Mike, Tori, Brad, Clayton, Dan, Jen and Katie S for their hard work – and Deb and me when we were finally able to get back into the town. By the time we reopened, most people who visited the store were unaware we had been affected.

It was an exhausting time that we will most likely feel the effects of for some time to come, but we are all safe. And for that, I am grateful.
This year we really did have to beware the Ides of March.

Sue’s last photo before leaving with crossed fingers, hoping for the best.

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