A Book about Love


Why is it inspiration always seems to come to me after midnight? Thank God for comforter quilts and hot chocolate. I know the last thing I should do when I can’t sleep is fire up my laptop – but here I am, propped up against an avalanche of pillows typing madly as the words flow.

I’m going to blame the Hay House 4-day writing challenge for this late-night session. Finishing it has switched on something inside me and given me some direction on how I want to share our story – in its full uncensored version.

Brendan and I knew one day we would organise our blog and social media posts written during his cancer treatment into chapters or vignettes. We hoped we would do it together, but we knew deep down I would be the one to finish the task. It has taken almost four years for me to think about re-organising and editing our original posts. I think the time is right now to write a book about love.

It’s late at night – when the house is quiet, the memories swim around inside my head. I know I need to get them out if I ever want to have a decent night sleep again. I figure if I write a page a day … for a year (that’s a big commitment, but I’ll try my best to keep it.) I might just get the story told, and sleep will follow.

Watch this space for upcoming pages soon.

Right laptop down, snuggle in – let your eyes close gently … and sleep. Mmmm.

I’ve just realised it was around this time 26 year years ago, I met my husband for the first time. That has to be a sign. The time is now. OK, sleep.

Bugger! I need to wee.

*featured image taken by Meegan Williams

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