Hello friends,
Please let me apologise for stalling at chapter 16. There are a few good reasons for this.

Firstly, I am getting to a more difficult part of our story to retell.

Secondly, we have been super busy in our house of late with the opening of our new, larger store on July 21st, to which Baden has devoted truckloads of overtime hours (along with the rest of the family) to get us over the line. As an apprentice with Hows That House — he built three of our main features (the counter, the plinths and the rattan cupboard doors — designed by Deb and loved by Sue and Cal)

The story of how The Shed Luxe began, is very much linked to Brendans and our families cancer story and will unfold along with the chapters that follow.

And thirdly, all the pre-opening /post-opening busy collided with the lead-up to Tyra’s HSC trials. They start this Monday. I feel a bit like I deserted her at a crucial time in her school year. And I am grateful for her ability to be self-sufficient without complaint.

I have great kids.

The result of this super busy, stressful time — is our new, incredibly beautiful, The Shed Luxe store.

When Tyzies exams are over, I will continue our story from where I left off. Thank you for the messages — and for reading along with us. Increasing awareness of Sarcoma, a rare cancer, through telling his story and our families was important to Bren.

The Shed Luxe

For more information on Sarcoma and Rare Cancers follow the links below.

Rare Cancers

Grief Support — for you are someone you care for, I find

Refuge in Grief very helpful.

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  1. Ann-Maree King says:

    Hi Callie Congratulations! Where is the new store?

    Sent from my iPad



    1. calliemm says:

      Thank You Anne-Maree, the store is in Taree. Just 2 doors up from our old store. We needed more space ๐Ÿ™‚ x


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