April Wrap-up (Yes, I know it’s May)

Pivot was my word for April, and the need to do it more than usual throughout a hectic month is why I’m writing April’s wrap-up in the middle of May. Pivoting – is a crucial step when things don’t go as planned. 

When pivoting successfully, which we hope is the only way to pivot, it’s important to embrace new possibilities and let go of your initial plan/s. This requires being flexible, open-minded, and responsive to change. Last month, I pivoted a few times. I adapted, was flexible-ish, and went with the flow.

  • Need a new car – pivot.
  • The Art of Wise Living Book Launch Delayed – pivot.
  • A few other small things need to be approached with a new perspective and done differently to work. – pivot, pivot, pivot.

And none of it was terribly important in the bigger scheme of things.

Sadly I can’t write about April without honoring a beautiful friend who was lost to us, reminding me again of how precious and impermanent life is. You are missed by everyone who knew you, gorgeous girl.

Living in flow requires a calm, sometimes difficult, acceptance of what is, allowing things to fall into place as they should. For me, it’s about being present and trusting why I am where I am. It means experiencing a sense of ease, clarity, and focus, feeling connected to what I’m doing, and being guided by an inner sense of purpose in my actions. My word for May is Flow. 

Cheers, my friends. Have a lovely May xx.

There’s nothing like a late afternoon walk to remind me what being in flow feels like:


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