Naked blue

The tepid, clear blue ocean lapped at me gently as it held me buoyant. Me content in my nakedness. Our finger tips just touching every so often. Knowing he was lazing beside me, face to the warm sunny sky, filled me with more happiness than I felt I deserved. And I deserved to be happy. I had waited a long time for a love like this. It was everything I had imagined.

Hidden Nightmares

Daily Prompt: Proclivity Creative Writing: Megan’s daily practice, a ritual developed to make it from one day to the next, had become her only solace. An escape from what she couldn’t face in the faces of everyone she knew, and many that she didn’t. Now, the very thing she felt was holding every molecule of her…

Missed Opportunities

Daily Prompt: Clutch Creative Writing Lesson 10: Part 1: using creative licence. Part 2: change the context of this chapter by switching the last paragraph to the first.                  Diary entry June 17 He had always thought his family didn’t get us and that made me sad. Not for me…

Why we share our happy snaps

Daily Prompt: Grainy Through sometimes grainy, carefully preserved images of our lives well lived I am reminded of all the beautiful memories my family have created together, when looking through treasured photos. Today I am prompted to reminisce…and as always have found an uplifting happiness in the faces of family and friends. It is not…

From little things …

Her little hands tucked under her chin in prayer position, lips pink with gloss, hair all tumbling curls pinned with tiny rose buds, I wondered how she was going to get through such a long day

The Game of Life

Challenging…to say the least when you can’t seem to stay one step ahead, no matter the effort, the strength and resilience shown.

Lost in translation.

It wasn’t like I had meant to add to the busyness of her day, yet I could feel her glaring at me through the phone. It was all rather odd.