Against the Odds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds  – Daily Prompt: Blur This photo was not taken this week at Brendans last review (for now) with his multidisciplinary team at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, it is one of hundreds I have taken since his diagnosis. It reminds me of how many times my husband Brendan has won… Continue reading Against the Odds

Update: February 2017

February update: Review Monday 13 of Feb saw us hit the city for the first time for 2017. Bren had to have an MRI on his residual leg to find out why it’s too painful to wear his prosthetic. The results would be ready to present at his review with the medical team on Friday.… Continue reading Update: February 2017

5 things you can do as a cancer carer

5 things you can do  (a carer’s perspective): Coming into Brendans next review; rereading this post from my previous blog (The Story of Us), dated August 2015, is a timely reminder. I have curated it here: My top five: choices I remind myself to make (most of the time) to help deal with my husbands cancer… Continue reading 5 things you can do as a cancer carer

Cancer: I don’t know what to say or do?

Cancer: I don’t know what to say or do! I know how that feels, before Brendan had cancer I didn’t either. Maybe I still wouldn’t if given the news that someone else I know, love, or care about has cancer. But here are just a few tips that I can share through personal experience, that… Continue reading Cancer: I don’t know what to say or do?


Daily Prompt: Breakthrough Today’s daily prompt reminded me straight away of limitless hope. The hope you hold on to when life depends on the particular breakthrough you’re waiting for. That waiting game can be excruciating, and it breaks my heart to think about how many of us are playing it. So; what do I do personally… Continue reading Breakthrough

Living with Cancer

  Retrospective: the following is a diary entry from yesterday – one year ago. I am grateful we honoured our brother in-law Andy’s birthday in a much nicer way this year. One year on  from his amputation Brendan is still living with cancer and we are grateful for the progress he continues to make. Diary… Continue reading Living with Cancer

Rare & Uncommon Cancers

The Story of Us:  The single most important reason I continue to share my family’s story is to spread as much awareness as possible about rare cancers like the one Brendan is fighting. Like all cancers, rare cancers are completely indiscriminate…Brendan is living proof that it can happen to anyone. We are in the fortunate… Continue reading Rare & Uncommon Cancers