My Quiet Room

My Quiet Room is a quiet space of your own: physically, mindfully or both, to allow you a place to work on developing a strong, calm, peaceful and balanced state of being. It is where we explore relaxation techniques, our self-healing abilities and overall wellness along with other topics that empower and inspire us.

We are passionate about demystifying the ancient healing art and traditional relaxation techniques of Reiki, along with some of our other favourite practices, so more people will benefit from them.

Don’t miss our How to Workshops – aimed at sharing easy relaxation tips and techniques to help alleviate stress and anxiety. We want to empower you with some easy tools and techniques to support and enhance your own well-being mind, body and spirit!

Our workshops, tips and info spots have been created just for you


My Quiet Room

You may also like to join our vibrant social community here: Callie’s Quiet Room .

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My Quiet Room

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