Rare & Uncommon Cancers

The Story of Us:  The single most important reason I continue to share my family’s story is to spread as much awareness as possible about rare cancers like the one Brendan is fighting. Like all cancers, rare cancers are completely indiscriminate…Brendan is living proof that it can happen to anyone. We are in the fortunate… Continue reading Rare & Uncommon Cancers

My Energy Therapy

Callie Quiet Room and Reiki Practice:  Blu Rose Energy Therapy: ….is based on a combination of Reiki techniques from several systems of reiki that I embrace and identify with in both my personal and professional practices. My practices are strongly influenced by the teachings of the Magdalene and the teachings of Solomon – these teachings flow through the unique Reiki… Continue reading My Energy Therapy

What’s Your Daily Practise?

My Guru Me: Up to 72 % of Australians have used Complementary therapies in the last 12 months! were you one of them? I know I was! I need my Energy boost every day; Reiki is my energy therapy of choice and I credit this practice for my sanity, peace of mind and for my ability to… Continue reading What’s Your Daily Practise?


My Guru Me:  Sometimes something happens that busts my little positivity bubble and it really pisses me off. Especially when the situation involves kids. The story I’m about to share was told to me by the mum of one of the kids involved. I am not going to share any names out of respect for… Continue reading Karma


CallieMM: Shop Here ! Our digital relaxation and Energy Therapy educational products and correspondence workshops can be used to support your professional or daily practice. Perfect for adding to your Reiki or Personal daily Practice tool kit and adding to your private digital library. Reiki manuals are currently available in pdf format that can be emailed directly… Continue reading Products

How to Attract Abundance Into Your Life by Wayne Dyer – Beliefnet.com

Ten steps to feeling successful in your life. Source: How to Attract Abundance Into Your Life by Wayne Dyer – Beliefnet.com. My Guru Me: I have always believed that we have the power to create abundance in our own life. On a daily basis though; it is difficult to remember how, where and when to… Continue reading How to Attract Abundance Into Your Life by Wayne Dyer – Beliefnet.com