Ocean Rhythms

The Story of Us: I was tired, it had been a long day already and I really didn’t feel like sitting under an unusually hot autumn sun for the next couple of hours awaiting the twilight cool. Begrudgingly I packed a picnic rug and a warm coat each (in the hope that at some point… Continue reading Ocean Rhythms

Brendan Gets Commando Fit Pt2

The Story of Us: March 2016  is one year to the month from Brendan’s right leg – above knee amputation. In this footage he was enjoying his first full training session outside his own backyard; with none other than Steve Willis, better known as The Commando from Australia’s The Biggest Loser. (Brendan is usually his own… Continue reading Brendan Gets Commando Fit Pt2

Getting Commando Fit

The Story of Us: So this happened today! My family; along with 100 or so other locals had the opportunity to train with Steve Willis, the much loved and sometimes feared trainer from Australia’s The Biggest Loser. There were many inspiring individuals out there giving it a fair crack…none more so though than Brendan. He… Continue reading Getting Commando Fit

Boost Your Energy Quickly

My Guru Me: 1. Power nap. Try not to oversleep. I know; sounds crazy right, especially when you’re really tired. But -if you can, try to get up at your usual time and take a quick midday power nap instead. Studies show that optimal nap time is 10 to 20 minutes to get you through the day… Continue reading Boost Your Energy Quickly

The Story of Us: 01 March 16 … Food for thought.

The Story of Us: This is my husband Brendan and our two children; Baden and Tyra. Almost two years ago Brendan was diagnosed with a differentiated pleomorphic sarcoma in his right femur. He has been fighting cancer ever since. In March of last year he lost his right leg to the disease. Source blog post:… Continue reading The Story of Us: 01 March 16 … Food for thought.


My Guru Me: Always make time for a little down time. That’s when your body rejuvenates and recuperates. It’s vital to your vitality.