22 Day Push Up Challenge

Every now and then I’m quick enough to catch my husband doing his thing on video. Today it was day 1 of the 22 day push up challenge that he is participating in on facebook. Below you can read his fb comment on the reason why he is participating. Brendan Maloney:  “This challenge holds a deep… Continue reading 22 Day Push Up Challenge

Tumour Clinic: Update

Good news! As the boys got comfy on one of the cream couches at the clinic yesterday, Tyz and I decided to go down to the reflection room to fill in some time before Brendan’s appointment began. We had no sooner walked in and made ourselves at home on the meditation cushion when Bren called… Continue reading Tumour Clinic: Update

July: Sarcoma Awareness Month

Brendan was diagnosed with an undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma in 2014, it is now metastatic. He lost his leg to the disease in march of 2015. This picture was taken maybe 12 weeks after his amputation. Two in five patients with sarcoma will go on to die from their disease. The effect of sarcoma on the… Continue reading July: Sarcoma Awareness Month

We Think We Have Time

I went in search of a photo this morning and came across an album that this post collage has been created from. I hadn’t seen this album in a while.  Life can change in an instant… This was March 2014: the Easter School Holidays; to me these are a profound set of images depicting our… Continue reading We Think We Have Time

Update -MRI Results

The Story of Us: Dr P rang last night; the results of Brendan’s MRI are inconclusive. We aren’t considering this bad news, bad would have been definitive evidence of recurrence in his residual. So it’s back to the city in 4 to 5 weeks to sit down with the entire team again,  to have a… Continue reading Update -MRI Results

Update – The Story of Us

The Story of Us: two years down the track! It’s two years since we were first told that Brendan has an undifferentiated pleomorthic sarcoma: setting us on a path of discovery, heartache, hope, recovery, recurrence, disappointment, elation, exhaustion, confusion, anger, frustration, learning, teaching, acceptance, joy and love – to name just a few. A rollercoaster… Continue reading Update – The Story of Us


The Story of Us: You know rego is just around the corner when you see the husband sitting under the car instead of in it…. Some jobs may take longer to get done, and sometimes even longer to recover from -but that doesn’t stop a good handyman. Obviously from post picture -no seated job is… Continue reading Handyman