13 June 2014 … Consultation

It was  Friday the 13th of June 2014, when Brendan and I first found ourselves in Sydney, at the cancer hospital . I was glad It wasn’t a very hospital-y hospital. It made it easier to be there. We were both worried as we walked through the large sliding glass doors at the front of the…

14-15 May 2014 …Finding Cancer

May 14 2014 My Husband is living with Cancer! There  I’ve said it. I need to get my head around this awful sentence, because today we have found out that it is a strong possibility. Brendan has always been fit and healthy! He has never smoked, anything. Never done recreational drugs, has always eaten well and…


We’ll take swimming in the ocean, long walks on the beach with the kids and dog, sleeping in a bed  and being able to sit in the car pain free, comfortably, so he can go places and do things again.

Update: February 2017

February update: Review Monday 13 of Feb saw us hit the city for the first time for 2017. Bren had to have an MRI on his residual leg to find out why it’s too painful to wear his prosthetic. The results would be ready to present at his review with the medical team on Friday….