Owning our Choices

Reflection, there is no better time for it than now. Reassessments of the things that have happened and of the choices made that have lead up to this moment. The consequences of which, good or bad, are mine to live with every day after. What has me in such a reflective mood? I hear you… Continue reading Owning our Choices


Daily Prompt: Dilemma ‘Why?’ She asked herself, as she hit her closed fist against her forehead one or two times more than was necessary, at the quandary she had found herself in. Why would he ask that, now, here? Couldn’t he see how ridiculous it was? She could have said yes! Not embarrassed him in front… Continue reading Dilemma


Daily Prompt: Pretend The girl with the red balloon… Her smile was wide, jovial even as he greeted friends and strangers alike, with enthusiasm and warmth. Not in a million years would you have guessed that her joy and outward appearance were not what they seemed to be. Hers was mostly a fictive state of… Continue reading Pretend