Brendan Gets Commando Fit

The Story of Us: – This is Repost as we slowly move from blogspot to wordpress – To our regulars that may see posts again as they are added and shared automatically through several social media formats: Thanks for your patience . A little get fit stay fit-inspo video attached for anyone looking 🙂 Life… Continue reading Brendan Gets Commando Fit

1st Ampuversary

 The Story of Us Retrospective: 4 quick  glimpses back into March 31st 2015 – Chpt 6 amputation The morning of Brendan’s operation came around fast. In those last couple of days leading up to it, seeing him in so much pain was unbearable. At one point he said through clenched teeth “only a couple of days… Continue reading 1st Ampuversary

Brendan Gets Commando Fit Pt2

The Story of Us: March 2016  is one year to the month from Brendan’s right leg – above knee amputation. In this footage he was enjoying his first full training session outside his own backyard; with none other than Steve Willis, better known as The Commando from Australia’s The Biggest Loser. (Brendan is usually his own… Continue reading Brendan Gets Commando Fit Pt2

Getting Commando Fit

The Story of Us: So this happened today! My family; along with 100 or so other locals had the opportunity to train with Steve Willis, the much loved and sometimes feared trainer from Australia’s The Biggest Loser. There were many inspiring individuals out there giving it a fair crack…none more so though than Brendan. He… Continue reading Getting Commando Fit