Tapping your Confidence

Tapping: EFT, emotional freedom technique – there seems to be a lot about it in the media at the moment and from where I’m watching, either everything that was old is new again or those talking about it in the media now are really slow coming to what has been a simple and effective tool… Continue reading Tapping your Confidence


Daily Prompt: Breakthrough Today’s daily prompt reminded me straight away of limitless hope. The hope you hold on to when life depends on the particular breakthrough you’re waiting for. That waiting game can be excruciating, and it breaks my heart to think about how many of us are playing it. So; what do I do personally… Continue reading Breakthrough

The Things we Do to Get Through

Have you ever had a friend, family member, work colleague or even an acquaintance that has blown up completely, in a way that you thought was over the top or out of character? I sure have. I’m pretty sure I’ve even been the one to blow up, or meltdown – for want of a better… Continue reading The Things we Do to Get Through