Daily Prompt: Aesthetic Unconcerned with the notion of things such as the beautiful and the ugly, I wandered around the little cottage with the same excitement as a child on Christmas Eve. She was mine. A little run down, tired looking, and very outdated to say the least, I guess she looked a lot like I felt. Maybe that’s why I… Continue reading Aesthetic


Daily Prompt: Breakthrough Today’s daily prompt reminded me straight away of limitless hope. The hope you hold on to when life depends on the particular breakthrough you’re waiting for. That waiting game can be excruciating, and it breaks my heart to think about how many of us are playing it. So; what do I do personally… Continue reading Breakthrough


Daily Prompt: Value Value: the importance, worth or usefulness of something. What an intriguing topic! What’s your value? Or a more interesting question to ask yourself might be: how do you measure your value? Do you place more importance on what you do – or who you are? There is a huge difference between the two. Are… Continue reading Value


Daily Prompt: Generous Her ample proportions were as munificent as any I had ever laid eyes on before or ever would again. She was beautiful. Her liberal approach and sheer unselfishness not hidden in the demeanour that she embodied, it was her gift to me and all who she loved, and she loved everyone.  Abundant: explained… Continue reading Generous


Daily Prompt: Stylish It wasn’t what she wore but how confidently and effortlessly she wore it, that made her stylish in her own easy way! I have always thought that real style comes with little effort, lots of character and an abundance of personality. She proved it!


Slowly: Slowly Slowly, bit by bit, with a sure and steady step, he made his way toward the heavy oak door of her father’s den. The brass door handle felt cold against his sweaty palm. He pushed the door open and was startled by the loud creak of aged hinges straining under the weight of such… Continue reading Slowly