10-10-17 Beautiful Painful

I’m sure many have experienced the depth of sadness and undeniable beauty I have, in a pure and joyous moment of remembering — where both the beauty of a cherished memory and the pain of devastating loss can be experienced simultaneously – enhancing each to a level barely tolerable and yet you let the feeling…

25-09-17: you can’t please everyone

Four weeks to the day after losing Brendan I received a message from a couple who are well known to us. Even so, we have barely seen them throughout Bren’s illness. The message explained that they were in the area and wanted to see the kids and I as much as they could while they…

17/09/17: Are you OK

One of the most important things we wanted to make sure the kids understood, when the time came, was even though dad was gone it was still OK to laugh and be happy about things.

Two weeks already

Two weeks: and although it had already been a while since he could, it still feels like Bren could walk through the door any minute. It doesn’t feel final, or that he has really gone anywhere. And I know that’s because he hasn’t in anything but a physical sense. This doesn’t make us miss him…

Cancer: the story of us – The End.

I had never seen him happier than when our brother Andy helped him get back on his surfboard for the first time after his amputation, or sadder than when he stood, leaning on his crutches, tears rolling down his face as he watched the boys surf second corner.

Good Grief

Grief is a funny thing. Not laugh out loud funny – more odd funny. And like dealing with pregnancy, raising children, training dogs, painting houses and any number of other things, we all have our own way of doing it.

Dear Grief

If you or someone you know are feeling overwhelmed by grief: reach out to someone, anyone – a friend, family member or support group like Beyond Blue. You are not alone.