A New Year

To those coping with loss and grief of any kind right now and who are trying to put on a brave face for the world to see – be gentle with yourself and rest where you can. Being OK is exhausting.

questions and answers

Hearing Bren’s voice again and seeing that face was magical, a soothing soul balm that was very much needed as we negotiate a world he wouldn’t recognise.


When synchronicities happen I think Bren is listening and most likely agrees. TodayI’m sure of it.


 January – my apologies for writing this in February! January has passed in the blink of an eye! Try as I might, to share a little something each month, I’m letting busy get in the way. I have to confess, in a past life, I found the glorification of busy – boring. Now I’m allowing…

Three years

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. You are as much missing from our lives now as the day you died, and you will be missing still from everything we do today and in the future. That hurts more than is explainable.

Secondary Grief

I understand the concept of secondary grief and have experienced it in many ways since Bren died. I knew right from the beginning Grief, in any form, wasn’t something I’d conquer or get over. Now, almost a year and a half down the track I know, at least, that for all the hard days there…

How I’ve Changed with Widowhood

GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence … (from Desiderata) If only it were that easy. Although once able to find an inner calm and peaceful silence in meditation & Reiki — or a simple walk on the beach, it’s not been easy since being…


Dear Bren, Hey Babe, a year on and I’m still trying to work grief out; or work through it, get around it, over it or even just understand it. At times like these, you’re on my mind constantly. Your birthday a little over a week ago, and our twinnies birthdays in less than a week….

Rise – Finding My Way

It’s been eleven months since my husband’s death and I am at the very beginning of a new project, undertaken in part to ease the loss and deep heartbreak I’m going through.  My chest aches physically every day and has since he left. I worry sometimes that my heart is irreparable.  I am struggling to…

Devoted to my husband

As we approach the 12 month mark since Bren’s death I wanted to make sure our devotion wall to him was finished. It is in our lounge and is now complete with a beautiful navy wood cross & ocean seashell strand from The Shed Luxe, sitting alongside works of art from our great friend Ali…