In the Middle.

Cheers, middle age! You really are here. On reflection, my teenage years were pretty relaxed in comparison; my twenties – loads of fun and a little experimental; my thirties were truly romantic and spontaneous, and my forties focused on creating a family and raising small children.

twenty two

September 15 is the scheduled operation date but it is subject to change. All going well; he will be in on Monday and out on Friday.

Heart Connections

The power of heart connection can profoundly impact our lives and the world around us.

Finding the Sweet Life

Italy, far away from everything familiar besides my kids, was where I needed to be to see my life with clarity.

2022 That’s a Wrap

Life can be shit, but it can be great again, even if the shit can’t be completely wiped away.

Cancer: the story of us – The End.

I had never seen him happier than when our brother Andy helped him get back on his surfboard for the first time after his amputation, or sadder than when he stood, leaning on his crutches, tears rolling down his face as he watched the boys surf second corner.

love & rainbows

Yesterday I opened my blog admin to check on something. To my complete surprise, a rainbow had replaced the top bar that has always been black,  it took my breath away. After accusing all of my sisters and nieces in the room of getting on my admin page and changing it, I realised Bren and…


This morning, just after 5 am, my beautiful husband slipped away peacefully. Tyra, Baden, Bren’s Mum and I shared the great privilege of holding him in our arms and telling him we loved him as he left to make his journey home. He was Heroic to the end. I would like to say thank you…