Loving You to better health

The weekend is the perfect place to start a new Daily Practice: Try this: Love Every day for 10 days place your focus on love. No matter where you are or what you are doing, no matter who you encounter; replace all judgement and action with love, starting with You. In fact most importantly You!… Continue reading Loving You to better health

What cancer can and cannot do

A Curated TBT Post: from my original blog: the storyofus4.blogspot.com.au Next week we head to Sydney for a consult for the new immunotherapy trial Bren has been signed up for. It got me thinking; as I remembered a post I had written on my previous blog dated 18 April 2015.  Back then I was pondering the… Continue reading What cancer can and cannot do


Daily Prompt: Millions What were the chances on that night of a million different things, a hundred different thoughts, dozens of decisions and several serendipitous occurrences leading to the two of us being in the same place at the same time, creating the exact moment our two worlds would collide? Two complete strangers met, married,… Continue reading Millions


Daily Prompt: Border 6 wishes: Please Iet … Borders become invisible Hearts remain open Love become universal Kindness be plentiful Compassion be given Heartache be avoided.     *** What is a daily prompt? Daily Prompt (one of my fave creative blogs) publishes a new word every day, those participating (there are hundreds of us) write… Continue reading Border


Daily Prompt: Unfinished The door slammed behind him with a force that made me jump. Not the best way to start this day I thought, as I picked up the broken pieces of my grandmother’s crystal vase. I know it wasn’t intentional. It’s not like he had pushed it off the hall table in anger, his… Continue reading Unfinished


Daily Prompt: Generous Her ample proportions were as munificent as any I had ever laid eyes on before or ever would again. She was beautiful. Her liberal approach and sheer unselfishness not hidden in the demeanour that she embodied, it was her gift to me and all who she loved, and she loved everyone.  Abundant: explained… Continue reading Generous


Daily prompt: Together The wonderment, the pure awe I felt looking down at my stomach, that had stretched to be almost as round as I was high; was indescribable. Two perfect little humans were growing in there together, and I couldn’t wait to meet them! As it turned out I wouldn’t have to wait long. They… Continue reading Together