Be time

Tip Jar: When life gets busier than it should, through no fault of your own (or even by your own hand), it makes the importance of slowing down – glaringly obvious. The Tip Jar says: Everyone deserves as much Be time as they can get, take it where you can my friends. Take it where you can.… Continue reading Be time


Procrastination: Delaying or postponing something, dithering,  stalling, temporizing, hesitation, humming and hawing; dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying; kicking the can down the road. Basically, doing anything other than what you think you should be doing. Everyone’s doing it! Aren’t they? Without a doubt I would say, if anyone asked, that one of my most challenging traits is that I am an accidental, maybe on purpose,… Continue reading Procrastination

Update: a book’s journey

A Book’s Journey: My two twelvies and I were very excited to receive a message of gratitude yesterday from the lovely lady who found our book…whose journey started a few weeks ago when we left it on a cafe table for its next reader to find. She explained in her message that it had come… Continue reading Update: a book’s journey